JVT : no route computed beyond 60° S ?
Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2024-01-12 | 15:21:07

on Jules Verne Trophy I can't have a route for my position 65°44''17'S - 82°21''18'W

For this url there is no route computed.

Am I too far in the south ?

Thank you

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Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2024-01-12 | 15:25:10
I tried this one too
Post by iconPost by ogin8 | 2024-01-12 | 22:21:09
Same problem - http://zezo.org/jv/chart.pl?sid=cf3f70a4385af92b0334fc59273250e2&o=176&wind=0&tlon=-5&tlat=48.8125&clon=-7.9375&clat=43.5625
Post by iconPost by KovA-HUN | 2024-01-13 | 10:02:07
Hi Guys,

I experienced similiar situation in a last few days under Chrome, but just for JVT. Other is working well.
After i performed a clear cookies and cache in chrome, that was back and working again for me.
Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2024-01-13 | 10:45:41
I tried clearing cache and cookies but there's no change.
I also tried the same url on different browsers

Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2024-01-14 | 12:48:16
It's very much random. Nothing to do with a southern position.
It's working most of the time, and suddenly zezo doesn't compute a route.
Clearing cache and cookies doesn't change anything.
It isn't working either with a different browser (chrome, opera, firefox, brave...).
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2024-01-16 | 18:53:52
Ooops. One of the machines was running the arkea routing instead of the JV, so it was the ice limit.
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