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Post by iconPost by Thatisme-ip | 2021-01-22 | 19:21:42

Sers Cvetan,

why ist there a difference between the boat speed in the game and the STW in Zezo?
Its Tara 2 and i have fullpack- and Zezo has logged in the fullpack.
But- there is a great difference between game speed and zezo speed.
For example: Boat speed in the game is actually 6,6 kn...and prognosted in zezo is 7,36 knots.
The track is ok, and in the other race (jvt) there is no difference.
What caused this Problem?
Any idea?
Thank you very much!

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-22 | 19:25:06
Different wind speed.

NOAA is down for more than 24 hours (or at least the server VR uses) and wind data is getting out of sync. See one thread down ("Looks like weather updates offline for next 18h12")
Post by iconPost by Thatisme-ip | 2021-01-22 | 19:44:47
Ah, thank you! 😍
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