Difference between boat speed display on VR, dashboard and polar curves
Post by iconPost by CIrce9244 | 2021-01-14 | 10:50:59

Since many days, I have noticed that I have a difference between the boat speed indicated on the VR game and the ones indicated in the dashboard which is not the same than the polar curve.
Do you know which is the true speed for the boat?
Thanks for your work

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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2021-01-14 | 11:07:13
VRDashboard reports the server values. If you don't have a VIP subscription you need to refresh the game UI manually to fetch the latest server values. While the server calculates new speed and position only every 10min, the game UI extrapolates these values to reflect your minute accurate position, heading and speed. VRDashboard doesn't have access to these extrapolated values.
Post by iconPost by CIrce9244 | 2021-01-14 | 12:57:49
Thank you for the clear answer.
Just to precise :
It is 12h00. The speed boat is 10nds. The cap and the TWA is modified in order to increase the speed (without sail changes), 11 nds, as it is calculated in the polar curve.
With no VIP package :
what is indicated in the VR UI?
Which speed is in the game for the route calculation?
If the server recalculate the new speed only every 10 mn, does that mean that the speed will stay 10 nds from 12h00 to 12h10?
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-01-14 | 13:06:23
I have found the game UI boat speed to be wildly inaccurate for long periods. It's like it's applied a sail change speed penalty and never taken it off. Dashboard is what matters. Exiting a race and re-entering will usually resolve the issue with the UI.
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2021-01-14 | 13:43:33
@Circe we assume that the server data are the actual simulation data. Boat speed is just a by-product, it's the wind data and TWA that matters.
The server may need to calculate boat speed and positions more frequently if you have heading commands or waypoints, but it reports them only every 10min.

Post by iconPost by CIrce9244 | 2021-01-14 | 14:51:57
to Hardtrack;
How do you know the new speed when you choose to change the TWA?
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2021-01-14 | 16:18:52
I look at the dial?
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