JV2021 Predicted Time
Post by iconPost by Babounek | 2021-11-13 | 11:13:35

Hi Zezo,
It seems to me that there is a mistake in predicted table. For example, for a start the november 19th at 15pm, the PD is 140h. On the Map, this PD is 170h ?!?!?!
May be, it's me, the mistake!!!

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-11-13 | 12:48:16
You may have been running the route during the weather update period. The table updates after the update is complete. The map is going to run a route with what is available from the new forecast at that time and the prior forecast to the end of the route. There was a big jump in predicted time on the 19th from the OOZ forecast to the 06z forecast.
Post by iconPost by Babounek | 2021-11-13 | 15:41:54
Ok,I'm the mistake!!!
thanks a lot, BooBill.
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