Energy gauge numbers?
Post by iconPost by Saileellely 1 | 2022-09-04 | 06:03:20

Hi, my real life life allows me to "play this game" only a couple of races per year, so sometimes I am missing updates. I am sorry if I missed the explanation about this one.

I like the update about your energy gauge of your crew such that maneuvering takes energy such that a next maneuver takes longer.

Are there any numbers to this? Like tacking takes 50%, change sail takes 40% gibing takes 60%?

The tooltip help in the game says you get recharded with minimum 1% per 5min (12% per hour, 8 hours for a full charge) but next to it is written 1pt/7min and it seems to be rising. How does this work? Is this random?

I don't have time to fully engineer all moves, and I think some things should be random, but I do like to understand this one somewhat.

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Post by iconPost by Saileellely 1 | 2022-09-04 | 06:05:55
PS: now the energy gain reads to increase 1pt/10 minutes...
Post by iconPost by Saileellely 1 | 2022-09-04 | 07:34:10
Ah I found it.

When you tack or change sails it indicates what the energy penalty is. For my current position it is -21% for a tack and -41% for a sail change. Are those numbers always the same? Or is there a speed-factor in it as well? What are the penalties for the delays?

The tool-tip states 1% per 5 minutes or more depending on weather. This is a language confusion. It could mean that in hard weather the gain is 1% per more than 5 minutes. At least that makes some sense.

I wonder if it is worth collecting more detailed data for better understanding.

Post by iconPost by NikoSurcouf | 2022-09-04 | 18:49:52
Post by iconPost by Saileellely 1 | 2022-09-05 | 06:21:26
Ah! thanks!
Post by iconPost by Saileellely 1 | 2022-09-08 | 05:52:10
Wow. Now I realise that if you need to tack and change sails you can better tack first because then you have more energy left for the sail change, while the tacking then goes faster.

And also, I need to tack somewhere in the next two hours, but now I will wait as long as possible in order to gain more energy so the tack will go faster.

There is a lot of extra strategy to think about.
Post by iconPost by Saileellely 1 | 2022-09-09 | 05:59:54
And there is more still. If you are able to plan your tacks more than one hour ahead using the programming tool, the tack does not take 21% but only 14%.
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