Post by iconPost by NikoSurcouf | 2022-06-13 | 15:42:14


Any chance to get the stamina of other boats in the dashboard?


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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2022-06-13 | 16:14:07
No, not as far as I can see.
Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2022-06-13 | 16:59:07
Hi Hardtack, you can see these informations in the "getboatinfos" files when you click on a boat.
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2022-06-13 | 17:55:56
Ah, right.
Anyway, I'm not convinced we should add it. Why doesn't VR display it?
After all, /they/ get paid for the software ;-)

Post by iconPost by zecagou | 2022-06-13 | 20:16:54
Not sure that's a good idea to implement stamina information about other boats in DB. Current displayed data can be retrieved from AIS like in real. But other skippers tiredness must not be displayed to keep some unknown things about others, so the game remains a little bit fun! As if it isn't enough that most players already use routers.
Anyway thanks for the DB log access.
Post by iconPost by NikoSurcouf | 2022-06-13 | 21:36:41
Hardtack > Thanks for your answer.

Mcfly > Thanks for the tip ;)
Post by iconPost by Swedeville | 2022-06-22 | 12:42:55
Is there a way to change crew instead? I mean, if my guys can only handle two sail changes an hour I don't really want those lazy bums on my boat.
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