Shortcuts across land on Dashboard
Post by iconPost by Jeanbern19 | 2023-02-23 | 22:34:28

Good evening,
on the RORC it is very obvious:
I would like to know the reason why some manage to cut through the islands, even the TOP VSR passing under the beacons.
without being stranded, but also by validating the green tags?
I put screenshots
Capture TOP VSR beacon validated :

Could we have a somewhat technical explanation on this subject?
Thank you all

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Post by iconPost by weebeey | 2023-02-24 | 06:14:21
Good morning,

I was wondering the same. The last RORC race I tried really hard to keep up with the lead pack. In the end I lost around 90 minutes to the winner. From these 90 minutes I think I lost around 60 minutes just because I don't know how to go around the beacons and isles correctly.

Post by iconPost by OnTheNatureOfDaylight | 2023-02-24 | 07:49:41

You juste have to use the dashboard and cartography tools that enable you to sail close to the shores. Nobody cuts through the islands, that is just the way the path appears afterwards.
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