Summer Cup
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2021-07-08 | 15:19:52

I'm guessing Cvetan is enjoying a nice vacation. Well deserved. Wondering if he'll be online long within the next 36 hours to set up a chart for Summer Cup.

I tried poking around to see if I could find an old race chart involving Multi 50s that could maybe be finagled to run routings for Summer Cup, but the only active chart I could find for M50s was the Jamaica Express, and it doesn't seem to be producing routings. If anyone has a working link for the last Jacques Vabre Multi 50, that might be useable, but I haven't been able to find a working chart for that.

It would actually be fun to try Summer Cup with no available routing... Except that it's pretty safe to assume some of the competition has non-Zezo routers.

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Post by iconPost by etrille17 | 2021-07-08 | 21:12:55
Je pense que VRZen est bon pour le moment.Une bonne indication pour le départ.Excusez-moi je ne parle pas anglais.A+ et bon vent

Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2021-07-08 | 23:32:48
Hi, no routing either from "cape2rio" or "tjv50"
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2021-07-09 | 09:26:33
VRZEN allows you to design the regatta, place and time of departure, place of arrival and waypoint. You can calculate the route from Barbados to Cancun and decide the choice of sails
Post by iconPost by QuiVaSadoVaMaso2 | 2021-07-09 | 15:05:18
For example ?
But no routing :(

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-07-09 | 17:38:07
Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2021-07-09 | 17:57:22
Thx. There is an error with the timeshift.

Post by iconPost by BobSpiders | 2021-07-09 | 18:04:38
Anybody knows what category is the Summer Cup?
Post by iconPost by Toppen | 2021-07-09 | 18:43:05

It's all in McFly's spredsheet!7067&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AIZyjNaA1JWCtu8

Post by iconPost by BobSpiders | 2021-07-09 | 19:08:12
Thanks a lot, didn't know it
Post by iconPost by Flying Phil | 2021-07-09 | 19:51:13
Thanks CveTan,

You made a little mistake in the start date (usefull with the "TimeShift" option) , you put 21/07/21 instead of 10/07/21

Post by iconPost by MousseLine BSP | 2021-07-09 | 21:27:38
Thanks a lot Cvetan, You are the King of the Divan !
Post by iconPost by Thorgal_Oupresk | 2021-07-10 | 05:32:10
Thanks a lot Cvetan,
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