Globe40 bug?
Post by iconPost by Vega GP | 2021-08-13 | 13:25:45

Over an hour ago (around 14:00 CEST) the wind in the globe40 regatta changed around 15°. Not sure if at that time there should be an update but ok.

The problem is that most of the other boat around me (top 100) seem to not be affected by that change.
We are all not that far away and when I check with the tool for the wind dirrection and power we should have the same conditions. However, I'm sailing in the same dirrection as others with an angle off over 110° while other sail 95 or so.

Obviously I thought this is a matter of "display" and that on the next update will be ok but is over an hour now and is not changing, neither Zezo in "recogniseing" the new wind. I'm actually losing ground and positions to the guys that are sailing with the "old" wind.

What is happening? Any other noticed something similar?

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Post by iconPost by THOR250 | 2021-08-13 | 13:37:11
Bonjour à tous,

Est-ce que comme moi vous n'avez pas la mise à jour météo de 13h20 ? de ce jour

Post by iconPost by THOR250 | 2021-08-13 | 13:43:53
Vega GP la mise à jour de 13h20 ne c'est pas faite dans zézo, d'ou le problème que tu parles
Post by iconPost by f0eeb | 2021-08-13 | 13:44:42
There is a NOAA problem

Post by iconPost by Vega GP | 2021-08-13 | 14:50:20
On a side note, THOR250, what a sailing so far! Great performance! You're the only one stil left in top of the classification from the group that went east. Keep up with the good job ;)
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2021-08-13 | 15:35:56
GFS was about 90 mins late and then suddenly got applied in VR. Client / game interface switched straight to the new forecast and the server according to dashboard did some weird shit for about an hour.

It was swinging back and forth between the new TWD and the old TWD which were 15 degrees apart, sometimes it was in between the two.

Also different boats seem to have different wind at the same time (like they aren't being calculated on the same server in the farm and those servers have different wind data).

I have noticed it has random swings back and forth during a normal update too up until the interpolation period ends between the 2 forecasts. Going with my different servers in the farm theory it could be you don't always get calculated by the same server ... or there is something very weird in the interpolation or some random factor they have decided to add.

Post by iconPost by Vega GP | 2021-08-13 | 15:50:36
Interesting theory. I'm not so familiar with how those servers work but is nice to hear that other noticed that strange behavior. Any ideas if Zezo will catch up now on the next update?
Post by iconPost by THOR250 | 2021-08-13 | 15:54:59
Merci VEGA GP ;)
Ca y est la mise à jour est reparti, il y a le + à coté de GFS 00Z

bon vent à tous
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2021-08-13 | 16:43:20
Zezo has picked up the next forecast but is still a bit out due to the interpolation from the previous forecast which is actually the one before that and quite different. TWD is 8 degrees out for me at the moment compared to dashboard. Should be fully back in sync at 18:00 UTC
Post by iconPost by Vega GP | 2021-08-13 | 16:46:52
Thanks for the info
Post by iconPost by Paspox | 2021-08-13 | 17:21:47
Possibly a stupid question but how do you see the TWD in the game, apart from the little white triangle on the compass ?
Post by iconPost by Paspox | 2021-08-13 | 17:32:13
Is it TWD=360-(TWA-HDG) ?
Post by iconPost by THOR250 | 2021-08-13 | 17:32:35
Dans le dashboard onglet race log
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