Some problems with Predicted times Sydney Tahiti for GFS 27.2 18Z to GFS 28.2 06Z ?
Post by iconPost by Luc Dechilleuses | 2023-02-28 | 08:33:04

Hi !

This morning, since 7:30 UTC, Predicted Times for Sydney Tahiti presents a column GFS 28.2 06Z ! 5 hours before it's normal issue !

And columns GFS 27.2 18Z and GFS 28.2 00Z are the same !

Strange, is'n't it !

Have a nice day !

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2023-02-28 | 20:09:09
There was a 7-hour network outage, one missed GFS cycle, and that messed some things a bit. What you saw was based on 0Z but labeled with the next issue.

Post by iconPost by Luc Dechilleuses | 2023-02-28 | 22:30:56
OK ! ;)

Thank you so much Cvetan for Zezo and all you do for us!
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