Non Existent(secret Races)
Post by iconPost by Furious | 2021-10-17 | 00:36:26

Hi fellow skippers,

Why do I keep getting emails from VR requesting I join "Non existent" races?
When I link into that particular race from that email....nothing displays?

The last email received was for a race from Taiwan to Los an IMOCA.

Before the major update on VR.... I had a button on my display allowing me to access private races, if a code was supplied?

Are these types of races going on in VR and I have mistakenly been given a view into this? How do we access these private races?

Thanks in advance skippers,


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Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2021-10-17 | 01:13:13
Similarly confused, FWIW....
Post by iconPost by Baker | 2021-10-17 | 10:55:08
same here :\
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2021-10-17 | 13:47:39
Perhaps is a fishing e-mail?

I received an invitations for a just started "HIDDEN charge" race.
And and invitation to Fregate...

Post by iconPost by Furious | 2021-10-17 | 23:32:46
Hi YourMom, Baker and Inicio,

Thanks for your replies.

Inicio, yes that was on the subject line of the email...
The race HIDDEN charge AWS #2 has just started!

Body of the email:
Hi Furious49,
It's time to join more than 0 competitors at the helm of your Imoca between Taiwan and Los Angeles!
By joining the race now, you will be "helicoptered" in the heart of the fleet, your Imoca has all its chances to be well placed!
See you at sea 😉

If it is a Phishing email from a bogus group.....maybe it is best to change my passcodes....better still, might just leave them as they are....the hackers might sail better than me in the Vendee


Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-10-18 | 06:52:05
It is not, we all received that email, and the links inside the mail seem ok.

I think the email campaign that went out from VR leaked a bit early, and they were not totally ready for it to go, hence the dummy values in the template placehoders.

Post by iconPost by Furious | 2021-10-19 | 02:04:12
Thank you toxcct, much appreciated
Post by iconPost by Pastoo | 2021-10-19 | 14:34:32
PatRock, VR club house admin told us it was just a mistake... another one :)
"Rien de bien grave, il s'agit seulement d'une course test dont le message est parti par erreur."
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-10-19 | 20:51:10
Yet another confirmation that VR tests directly in production environment. :clap:
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