UTC or CET time ?
Post by iconPost by Nicomobe59 | 2021-01-26 | 09:53:03

Hello, I have notice that in the VG chart, the time is provided in CET and in Jules Verne, the time is provided in UTC (CET -1H). is ti possible to change to CET time ?
What is the impact on the routes ?
Does that means that the wind and route provide are 1 hour shifted ?
Does that mean I have to enter my position from the last 1 h ?

Sorry if questions are stupid but I'm newbie on route mapping.
thanks a lot

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-26 | 11:36:07
There is no shift. "Now" is always "Now", no matter if you call it 13 EET, 12 CET or 11 UTC.

Reason for record attempts to run on UTC is the "Predicted times" page. Predictions are every 3 hours and they match the GRIB file times. Local time would be a bit of a problem around daylight saving time switch.
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