Massive thanks to Cvetan
Post by iconPost by NtsiabakaParadize | 2021-01-16 | 14:58:53


I'd like to thank you so much for Zezo. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to do the Vendée Globe and enjoy it so much.

Thanks so much.


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Post by iconPost by CIrce9244 | 2021-01-16 | 15:18:08
Thank you very much for the race and the very usefull Zezo
Post by iconPost by NumeroDixTV | 2021-01-17 | 01:56:32
Also big thanks for answering all the questions (and to YourMomSA, Bobill and to all the other forum regulars)
Post by iconPost by gavitellogolos0 | 2021-01-18 | 12:31:28
Big thanks to Cvetan also from my side, extended to Toxcct!
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-01-18 | 12:43:03
Post by iconPost by Taina0208 | 2021-01-23 | 17:15:22
I am just getting used little by little to Zezo (fantastic tool indeed) and without it I would not have been able to truely race this great Vendee Globe course (and erase my Nemo passage!). I also discover the Forum and the many useful and international posts. By the way my boat name is not Taina0208 but Taïna0208, the system would not recognize this litte "ï" when I registered :)
Post by iconPost by Pierre | 2021-01-28 | 10:30:29
I agree wit you all. I learned using zezo just before Vendee Globe. Makes the game much more fun! Thanks a lot for this great tool
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