Wrong coordinates in zezo
Post by iconPost by Mathilia | 2021-01-09 | 14:03:20

When launching Zezo, very often the coordinates for my boat does not match with the one I have in VR. I can force them to the one of the game but something seems wrong since a few days... Any explanation ?
Thanks anyway for this super tool !

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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2021-01-09 | 14:42:01
The game UI updates your position once per minute, but the VR server only calculates your actual boat position every 10 minutes. You can see both positions displayed in the game UI.
VR Dashboard only has access to the server-side position and it calls the router with this position. As it happens, however, the router also works with 10min intervals. It rounds down to the last full 10 minutes and therefor uses the correct time when your boat was at the latest server position.

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