Boats Skins Vendée Globe
Post by iconPost by oryandco | 2021-01-09 | 10:23:11


I'm not sure if I should create a topic for this question.

Could someone help me find all the photos of the Vendée Globe boat skins?

Thank you so much.

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Post by iconPost by Zulu Bravo | 2021-01-09 | 21:02:47
I believe you can find them if you use your browser's debug mode.
I Use Chrome on mac OS, it's in "View" -> "Developer" -> "Developer Tools" then "Network" tab. Reload the page and look for .png files

Post by iconPost by oryandco | 2021-01-10 | 19:45:00
I will check this.

Thank's a lot Zulu bravo !

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