Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-10-21 | 12:51:00

An unfortunate start choice can have a devastating result in a record run, resulting in a large loss of VSR points.

If you start but don't finish, do you record a last place, with devastating results on your VSR points?

What about if you register, but don't start?

What about if you start, but then pay the 1,000 credits to end your run, but then never restart? Is that a possible loophole that makes it like it never happened?

I ask, because I see some top guns who started after the main pack in La Mauricienne and are already hours off the pace.

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Post by iconPost by Luis75 | 2020-10-21 | 14:20:38
Hi BooBill,
any idea about how many players are in the pack started on 19/20 Oct?
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-10-21 | 14:59:33
I do not.

Normally we would get an idea once the group passes the first timing gate. However, no one, even those that have rounded the Cape have gotten any kind of ranking. So, it's going to be a big mystery until we finish.

My guess is it's in the thousands given then almost everyone I follow started or restarted in that window.
Post by iconPost by Luis75 | 2020-10-21 | 16:54:01
In fact I didn't...I stick to my tentative to arrive in 18,5 days...and then we'll see if I have a good window for a second try...
Post by iconPost by Pimpi | 2020-10-25 | 19:42:44
Ciao Luis75,
As you know I re-started on 19 Oct (@20:14). I have reached the Equator in 5 days and several hours but, unfortunately I cannot be more precise (I was working at that time...). More or less the same timing for the bunch of Virtual sailors close to my boat.

But please, take into account the particular VR situation of these last three days so I don't know if these data are reliable.
I hope this information can help ;)

Finally, concerning the VSR points, could someone tell me how it works for the team? Do the team receive points as well?

Post by iconPost by Luis75 | 2020-10-25 | 22:05:01
Thanks Pimpi!
Post by iconPost by Velaska | 2020-10-21 | 17:28:51
same decision here Luis, youre doing really well!
Post by iconPost by Luis75 | 2020-10-25 | 22:05:33
Thanks Velaska...18g11h, let's see what happens with the next arrivals!
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2020-10-25 | 09:18:35
Hi BooBill. if VR has not changed his mind for La Mauricienne, the current rule is simple :
If you never cross the finish line, the race is not registered on your palmares. 0 impact on your VSR.
Post by iconPost by SPRexxii | 2020-10-25 | 16:48:37
BGSteMarine I don't believe that is correct. I started the NY-SF last year on closing day inadvertently. Did not sail 24 hours. came in DFL, and lost 557 !!!! VSR points.
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2020-10-25 | 18:20:03
@SPRexxii you are right ! The rule was different in the passed. If I remember well, the new rule is in place since the Record "La Mauricienne" which was closed in december 2019.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-11-07 | 19:35:25
I guess we'll get a definite answer on this when La M closes. Buddha and Tipap chose to not finish their runs. Presumably to avoid what would have probably been small VSR losses. If the impact is scored as a DNF, they'll take huge hits in VSR. If it's treated as though they never entered, it'll have zero impact. I don't care which way it works out, but am curious to see what happens.
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-11-07 | 19:49:39
Maybe someone should tell them ;)
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2020-11-07 | 21:25:19
Pretty sure they exactly know what they are doing ;-)
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-11-07 | 22:07:45
It's reported in this thread ( that they will be prematurely closing La Mauricienne.

The only possibility is that incomplete runs will be wiped out. So, we may never answer the question of what happens to VSR points if you have a disastrous run, or don't finish.
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