Elapsed time info in Map tab
Post by iconPost by wakeup | 2020-04-01 | 20:51:26

In the map tab I can see some of the boats that are racing.
If i point my mouse on it I can see some info (boat name, heading, true Wind angle, speed and elapsed).
I do not understand the elapsed info.
Someone could explain it to me?
Thank you

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-04-01 | 20:57:15
Elapsed is the time since the start.

It only makes sense for the record-attempt races where you are free to start when you want.

Should be the same for everyone in the regular races.
Post by iconPost by wakeup | 2020-04-01 | 21:13:12
Ok got it ;)
It is not the same for everyone in this race and some elapsed are event previous to the start so i guess it is based on the date when the player register in the race.
Thanks again for this answer.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-04-01 | 21:39:17
It's based on when you last clicked that boat. Which is visible in the second column in the fleet tab.

Even the game interface itself does not move your opponents on their own. You have to click them one by one or reload the race.

That's how the game communication works - it sends different pieces of data at different times, and the dashboards tries to show what's available. But it does not make requests on it's own, so depends on your actions - clicking boats, looking at rankings etc.

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