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Hello ppl and wish you all the best for the new year. On the Cape2Rio regatta, I experienced wind drifting while no new forcast was added to the race. From what I know every +-6 hours we adjust the in game weather to real weather as it comes by the weather reports. So about noon we had the new weather and at the time we were sailing in bay towards the finish. Using the programmer I planned a route with one jybe to west near the west shore of the bay and then one line with 134 to 135 degrees to the wind to finish, passing through the west shore and a little rock. With the new forcast this was not possible anymore and a second jybe near the east shore was necessary to get me to the finish line. Also the lines had to open a little to 139 to 140 after after the first jybe and to 145 after the last jybe for the short distance to the finish. For the next couple of hours that was the case with a few minor adjustments to my route. But about 2 hours later things changed. I could go to finish with only one jybe and again with faster lines in 134-135 degree to the wind. So it did happen to the end. If we have not a live weather how that is possible?? I am glad ofcrs as it was a faster route for me, but I must understand how things works. Please I am all ears to ideas and thoughts about that.
Thank you for your time
Theo(Bewareth IST)

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Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2020-01-22 | 20:41:50
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2020-01-23 | 18:16:32
Thank you toxcct, but I didn t get how that link answer my questions about the weather changing on my route without any new weather forcast added in game. From what I ve red that was about differences in speed and how to track it by the dashboard. This is something else that I already know about. Thank you though, thank you anyway
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-01-23 | 18:46:41
The game client and server don't use exactly the same wind data. Probably slightly different temporal interpolation.

As a result your actual trajectory may be different from the one projected by client even between updates, especially in variable wind.

Post by iconPost by choukebou | 2020-01-27 | 13:49:58
hello zezo I posted in the topic this morning and I can't find it. Must wait ? A validation from you?
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2020-01-23 | 19:39:36
You probably wanted me to use that other link (I think by Mum)which explains that client and server are using different weather data. That is what it felt to me like a wind drift. It is not a drift, but just 2 different weather data, that for a..reason is using the client and the server and out of my experience it has been used periodicaly. Once we had the clind weather(or firstly the servers one) for some time, then for a couple of hours the servers weather(or the client's) and back again to clint weather(or to server's) If that is truth, it sounds like a kids prank to me. If that is the case, the next logical question is ..why they do so?? Why is that? What does it help as defenatly does not help for the in game accuracy. (plz excuse my mistakes)
It is probably it. That is what happened to me in the regatta. The only thing I want to know is why that. If anyone knows I ll be glad to know
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-01-23 | 20:53:03
The server moves your boat by its data. The client projects the track by its data. The client syncs the position to the one calculated by the server every 5 minutes.
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Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2020-01-23 | 20:52:39
Thank you Cvetan. I got it from the link of the link of the post above by toxcct. I do not know much but I would like to know if that is the only way possible for things to work out or could be better. I mean why that, why they use different data? It isn t so impostant but if you have the time Id like to know why. If that is a "must to be done this way" situation
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-01-23 | 20:55:10
This is something you should ask VR.

There is no technical reason as such. But the server seems to be using 10 minute time steps to calculate the weather while the client seems to do it smoothly, like every minute. And in shifty winds 10 minutes can mean 5 degrees difference.

P.S. I could probably recreate the client algorithm exactly, but don't because the router will still disagree with the actual boat movement. So it uses it's own slightly different data.
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2020-01-23 | 21:18:24
Thank you Cvetan. I thought so. The reason I do not play very much is because this game needs a lot of effort and get you many times exosted, so when it is not stable, when it is possible that other factors, that you have nothing to do with, can screw your effort makes me MAD!! If I do a mistake I also get mad, but it is my mistake and I can lern from it.It is many the times that I lost more or less distance and was not because of me. I believe the VR ppl do not understand very well that part of the game other ways they would top prioritise it to make it steady and make us feel confident to use all extras. I found some improvement, not so many bugs this time, but although one jybe programmed long time before it did happen in frond of my eyes but was only visible. After 4-5 minutes (while I was adjusting the rest of the programmers boys) I made a reset in order to see where the rest of the oponents are and I found my yacht following the route ..before. Never turned or turned and returned or I do not know what. The only fact is that it did not turn after all!! Maybe from using too much the programmer or so. Anyway Im telling you that only to explain why I wanted to know about the mutter of the different data. I just try to understand how VR stands to the game. How much they respect their clients effort and their money. Thank you for yr time.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-01-23 | 21:24:52
Knowing the bugs is half of the success.

But sailing in unstable/coastal conditions always requires a lot of effort and attention.

There were times when the weather was only updated twice daily and stayed fixed for 12 hours. Before that the wind was not even spatially interpolated but came in 1 degree squares instead. Those modes had their own sets of bugs and quirks too, and working them out was big part of the success.
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2020-01-23 | 22:06:37
btw If I am not asking you too much (I do not wish to open another topic) I have another thing that I can not explain. What is going on with the provisional finish positions?? I can't get it. How come and I am calculated immediatly to a position and after it takes another ...2-3 min!!! to come with another? Not to mention that All races I have finished, my provisional position was ALWAYS better than the final. I can't get it. When I lose 2,3 or 6 positions means that some other racers improved accordinly their position. So how come and I NEVER ever had not even one position improved or at least to stay in the same spot? That NEVER happened to me!! ofcrs I would mentioned even if I won. It is annoying, but Isn't it also a very strange thingy? I can't believe that it makes mistakes and then needs 2-3 min to correct it..self?? Sounds very strange, very wrong to me. Is there an explanation for that too?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-01-23 | 22:36:43
The ranking is calculated every 10 minutes or so.

When you finish the provisional ranking shows 1+ the rank of last boat who finished few minutes ago. Probably shows the same number for everyone who finishes in that 5 or 10 minutes.

Then a bit later the exact order of boats finishing around you is checked and applied.

P.S. That's only an educated guess.
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2020-01-26 | 12:19:50
lol thank you Cvetan. You helped me remove some of the grey thoughts about the finishing rank, although questions remains for the way it works and more. This is my disadvantage in the regatta, as I do participate only here and there and my bug knowledge is low. Thank you all for your time spend to help me understand the game. See you in one of the next regattas.

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